International Scientific Conference In Uzbekistan On the Academy
of Al-Ma'mun in Khwarazm (X-XI Centuries)

Uzbekistan is planning to organize an international scientific conference dedicated to the 1000 th anniversary from the establishment of the Academy of al-Ma'mun in Khwarazm. The conference will be held at the end of October, 200 6 in Khwarazm.

It is known that Khwarazmshah Ma'mun (b. Ma'mun, governor of Khwarazm, 1009-1017) concentrated at his court a number of eminent scholars, including Abu Mansur (b. Iraq, who lived 977-1010 in Khwarazm), al-Biruni (who lived 1004-1017 in Khwarazm), Ibn Sina (who lived 1004-1010 in Khwarazm), Abu Sakhl al-Masikhi (who died in 1010 in Khwarazm), Abu-l-Khair (b. al-Khammar) and others.

Ma'mun created conditions for the flourishing of the sciences, and the majority of the above-menioned scholars contributed to their development . He supported scientists and sponsored their research in the natural, and humanitarian sciences and was as a generous patron of the arts and connoisseur of literature, fine arts, and music.

Lecturers are invited to take part in this conference on one of the following themes:

•  Khwarazm as an important scientific and cultural centre of the Medieval East

•  The role and place of the Academy of Ma'mun in Khwarazm in world civilization

•  The life, scientific activity, and heritage of the scientists of the Academ y of Ma'mun

•  Scientific and cultural centres of the Medieval East and their mutual interaction

•  The activity of the Academy of Ma'mun today: problems and prospects of development

All other subject, connected with the scientific activity of the Academy of Ma'mun in Khwarazm (X-XI cc.) will be also welcomed.

If you would like to participate in this conference, please, send us your CV and am abstract of your paper (Max. 2-3 p.) by September 1, 200 6 .

The Organising Committee will provide expenses for only a few participants. Interested scholars and researchers may contact the Organising Committee of the conference in the Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies of Academy of Science, Tashkent.

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